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The purpose of this document is to log outages, upgrades, and changes to the network. Incidents are listed as entries in the following table, sorted by ascending date. If the issue merits a description longer than what is reasonably available in this table, please consider making an article named after the date upon which the incident occurred.


06-20-2020 oshaberi All servers migrated to InspIRCD and basic network services implemented
02-15-2015 oshaberi Channel restructuring.
02-15-2015 oshaberi Begin search for replacement security services.
06-06-2014 oshaberi Blocking standard services nicknames to prevent abuse.
02-10-2014 dillamond dillamond move completed. security services temporarily down; working on patching blitzed/omega
01-15-2014 dillamond dillamond will be moving hosts within thirty days, most likely closer to the end of February 2014, updates as necessary.
01-15-2014 dillamond webchat on dillamond no longer works when SSL is enabled; for the moment ssl is disabled on the http side and investigation is ongoing.
01-14-2014 oshaberi Patched nicklen to nine characters, conforming to the rfc, conveniently preventing abuse.